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Rise of chaos intro Rise of chaos intro

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It ok but.. the movements seem kind of weird, some of items and backgrounds dont fit

Punisher33 responds:

well what would you like with limited recorses? the stuff i wanted did not hav in sprite form and this was already a pain to do. you guys can't make up your minds. you guys ask me to customize customize and when i do. you guys can't appreciate work. this took a month and a lot of errors to do.

And everything is png format and done in flash. i fallowed all the fules for sprites this is proof enough that you guys don't like anything that ant sonic orentated. i fallowed all the rules. you guys are never satisfied. when you guys watch sprite stuff you guys that honestly don't like i don't know why ya can't just keep moving. at lease your opinion is honest.